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Our company, who is a member of West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB), is honoured and glad to maintain its services in the direction of its mission and vision values by renewing itself continuously on the road, which it took with the slogan of Neva, “a fresh breath of ait in freshness.
Our Company Akgedik has been exporting fresh vegetables and fruits for a quarter of a century and we always pack under the hygienic conditions for you with the freshest and healthiest products and we
Our company started its activities in 1988 with the initiatives of our founder Ekrem SOYLU to trade fresh fruits and vegetables. The company has successfully used its knowledge, experience and vision to this day and continues to grow by completing its institutionalization. Our company is now expanding its vision with its second generation managers, In the light of years of experience gained in the local market in the fruit and vegetable sector, it has started to export fresh fruits and vegetables by supplying healthy and quality products.
Having started to export vegetable and fruit in 1992, Karaali Fresh Vegetable and Fruit has been one of the leading companies in vegetable and fruit industry in Turkey. Our company operates with packaging plants and cold storages in 70000 m2 closed area in Hatay, in 30000 m2 closed area in Manisa (Alasehir), in 2000 m2 closed area in Fethiye. Our company has got annually total 60000-70000 tone export capacity primarily to Russia and Middle East such as 20000 tone citrus, 15000 tone tomatoes, 15000 tone grapes, 5000 tone pomegranade, 3000 tone sweet cherry and 10000 tone other fruits and vegetables.
"We are willing to introduce us to you. As Oz-Fa export; we are dispatching our first quality products from Turkey to Israel and most of Europe countries. You may contact with us from our contact number and e-mail adress that in site. If you are willing to benefit from our experience and our quality, we will be ready for your wishes.” We have 3 warehouses; Antalya, Mersin, Malatya Our products; Pear, Quince, Citrus Fruits (lemon,grapefruit, orange, mandarin), Grape, Melon & Watermelon, Chestnut, Peach&Nectarin, Capia red, Capia green, Bell pepper Hungarian, Leek, Tomato, Zucchini white, Zuchhini green, Eggplant, California pepper (red&yellow), Tomato vine, Tomato cherry vine, Cucumber, Onions, Purple Onion
Ozturk Narenciye was founded in 2017. Ozturk Narenciye, concentrating on fruit and vegetable exports to Russian Federation and Belarus in the first year following establishment, gave importance.
We produce hormone-free grape tomatoes for you, under the trademark of tomat, within the framework of Good Agricultural Practices, using hydroponic method and geothermal energy, by means of pollination realized by Bambus bees.